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Guinness's Story:


Guinness somehow ended up at the "Humane Sanctuary, Inc.", a self proclaimed "no-kill sanctuary," in Kinsman, Ohio.  He had been there for awhile prior to the seizure of 162 live dogs, 2 horses, many cats, roosters and chickens in February, 2010.  The animals were living in deplorable conditions, some in outdoor kennels, some in crates in a cold barn and some in the "condemned" home feeding off of dead dogs.  Guinness was one of many dogs living outdoors.  He was chained to a dog house, very skinny, cold, dirty and hungry.  His water was frozen.  January and February 2010 were very, very cold months with numerous severe storms.  Guinness and all the other animals were stuck in snow as tall as they were and a few froze to death.

In February 2010, the dogs were seized and taken to a warehouse, where they spent their days in small Vari kennels.                 

Here are pictures of Guinness on the property before seizure and at the warehouse: