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On August 26, 2014, Lady and her 3 canine companions were rescued by For the Love of Pits from a filthy, sweltering hot, abandoned house in the City of Cleveland.  At the time of rescue, the dogs had been locked in the house without any people for at least 3 weeks.  We were told that someone tried to stop by once a week but even that was difficult.  We were told that, prior to contacting For the Love of Pits, a litter of puppies had been stolen from the home and that 3 dogs were placed in homes.

Despite the neglect and the horrible living conditions, all 4 dogs passed the behavior assessment with flying colors, were affectionate and sought out human affection.  For the 3 hours we were at the abandoned house, Lady could be found on one of our laps panting from the severe heat.  The dogs were not in good condition and needed to see a vet.  Although For the Love of Pits had no open foster space, we could not leave them in the house so we had the dogs boarded at our vet for 2 weeks.  This gave us time to send out pleas begging people to open their homes and save a life.

Lady was the last to find a foster home.  As we got to know her, we noticed that she was timid in new situations, she trembled in the car, was overwhelmed in large, outdoor spaces and depended on other dogs to feel comfortable and confident enough to show off her sweet personality.  Over time, she bonded with the resident dogs and we saw her personality flourish.  She was ready to find a forever home!

Lady now lives with a wonderful owner and 4 other female dogs.   Daily, she can be found on the comfy sofa cuddled up with at least one of the other dogs.  With this stable environment and all the love and affection she will ever need, we are confident she will continue to exceed our expectations. 

For the Love of Pits could not have saved Lady's life without her foster family opening their home.  We cannot thank them enough!  Please consider fostering!  You can save a life!  Click here for more foster information.