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Lilly's Story:


On August 30, 2010, For the Love of Pits received a call from a concerned resident of Cleveland regarding a dog abandoned by his family.  He was locked in a garage with no food or water and managed to get out.  There was a chair in front of the garage and the dog spent his days sitting on the chair, as though waiting for his family to come back for him.  We were told the boy was severely emaciated and, because the City Kennel kills every pit bull, regardless of temperament, the resident did not want to call the warden.  We visited the location and found two emaciated dogs.  The male about which we were contacted and a little female companion. 


Lilly was very, very skinny and appeared to rely on the male.  Lilly was dirty and very timid.  She would not approach us but finally allowed us to pick her up and place her in the back seat.  She was very shy but always grateful and sweet.  Lilly was very hand shy at first and very scared of people if they were holding anything in their hands but is learning she is no longer in danger and learning to enjoy life with people who love her.


Here are pictures of Lilly when we rescued her: