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Sally's Story:


Sally was rescued from an individual who had approximately 162 live dogs and farm animals all living in deplorable conditions. All the dogs were emaciated, dehydrated, starving and most, including Sally, were living outside with insufficient shelter from the elements.  Sally lived in an 8 x 8 outdoor, chain-link kennel with two male dogs. A week prior to being rescued, Sally had a litter of pups that ended up dying as a result of the freezing conditions. We're shocked the adults made it through the snow storms so it's not shocking that the puppies did not.


When we rescued Sally, she had a few infections and needed ACL surgery.  Sally's ACL surgery went very smoothly and she healed very nicely.  She's putting on a lot of muscle and is finally enjoying life.


Here are some pictures of her from the Kinsman property prior to seizure and at the warehouse: