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Tribute Gifts

A Gift of Honor or in Memory gives you the opportunity to remember a loved pet or person, to recognize a special living pet or person or to commemorate a special event in your loved one’s life. Through your gift, For the Love of Pits® will continue to rescue homeless pit bull dogs; to provide medical care, temporary foster homes, high quality food and training to our rescued dogs; and to educate the public regarding the true nature of pit bulls, safe interactions with dogs, canine communication and responsible owners, to dispel damaging myths and to improve the environment in which pit bulls and their owners live.

Upon receipt of your gift and a completed form, a card will be sent to the person you recognize or the owner of the pet you recognize, telling them they or their pet has been honored in this special way.  Each gift will be promptly acknowledged, and the amount of your gift will not be disclosed (unless you expressly request us to do so).  All donors will receive a thank you card and receipt for donations. 

CELEBRATE births, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, achievements, milestones and any important moment or event.

HONOR a person, loved one or family pet.

REMEMBER special people and family pets.


GIFTS IN MEMORY can help to express the sense of loss when a pet or loved one passes away.  It's also a meaningful way to celebrate the memory of a special pet or loved one. 

GIFTS IN HONOR celebrate someone special and provide direct support for an organization the honoree cherishes and supports.

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Gift Payment Options:

  • Paypal:  Click on the donation button below.  Next, click here to complete the online form.

  • Mail:     Click here to complete the online form.  Sending donation by check?  Click here for the form to send with your check.