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A lady never tells her age, and a lady is what our sweet Macy girl is a lady! Although Macy is considered a senior dog, she’d never let you in on that secret.  Macy is such a great mix of fun and laziness.  She enjoys prancing around the house and investigating the sounds from the neighborhood kids playing outside.  If she’s not intrigued by an outside noise, Macy loves cozying up on the couch with her people.  Most of the time, she’s tucked under a blanket! 

Macy absolutely adores her people!  She loves cuddling on the couch, in bed with you, or anywhere that is offered to her.  Macy loves to follow her foster parents around, just to see what they’re up to.  As soon as they sit down, Macy is up on the couch with them, snuggling in as close as possible.  She will bury her face in the blankets or the cushions of the couch, scoot in close to her person, and let out a big sigh. 

While Macy is perfectly content being a couch potato, she loves going on walks, too.  Macy and her canine foster brother, Mason, walk side-by-side, exploring and discovering new smells together, while expelling a little bit of energy in the process.  After a walk, it’s nap time for them both!  A quick 20 minutes around the block results in at least an hour of resting!

When you have a treat in your hand, all focus is on you.  This makes training a breeze!  Macy is a pro with learning new cues!  Within a few minutes, she’ll have a new task down solid.  Currently, she knows sit, down, shake, high five, stay, and wait.  She is now learning how to target and use impulse control while playing.  While Macy is a laid back gal, she also loves to play with squeaky toys, tennis balls, and tug toys.  Her foster dad will play with her for a few minutes, ask her to “drop” whatever toy they are playing with and sit down calmly.  Macy immediately drops the toy and sits, her tail wagging and her butt barely touching the ground, waiting for the cue to engage in play again. 

Macy absolutely loves children, but sometimes she can love them a little too much.  When Macy’s human niece (Avery, 6) and nephew (Cole, 3) visit her, she soaks up the love and affection!  As long as her foster parents are around to help control her excitement, Macy is gentle and gives unlimited kisses.  Because she can get overly excited around children and will potentially knock down smaller kids, it is best to have older children in the home.

When it’s time to eat, Macy has to follow the rules of the house.  She must sit patiently three to four feet away from her bowl until her foster mom tells her it’s okay to eat.  Outside, Macy can be a bit cautious in new situations, but has been working diligently with her foster parents to boost her confidence.   Macy is always being tested and trained in new situations, around new people and in different surroundings.  Because she is an incredibly intelligent girl, she learns quickly and adjusts well.  A kibble and peanut butter filled Kong is her favorite treat.  Even better if it’s frozen! 

The car is one of Macy’s favorite places!  When she goes outside to the backyard, she walks right past her foster parents’ vehicles.  Each and every time, Macy stops for a brief moment to see if they’re going to take her for a car ride!  When she’s in the car, Macy has her head completely out of the window for 10-15 minutes, and then she’ll usually settle down and take a nap.  Being a co-pilot is one of Macy’s favorite tasks.  She tends to look out the front windshield, almost as if she’s double checking your driving skills.  Don’t worry though, she’s an easy teacher! 

Macy is very picky with other animals.  Although she is doing well with her canine foster brother, it has taken us almost a year to get them together peacefully.  We imagine that she will take the same amount of time to integrate with another dog in another home so we will need people who are willing to be patient and to work with Macy and us to ensure success.

Macy is crate trained, housebroken, up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped and obedience trained.  She walks great on leash and listens very well. 

Adoptions must be within driving distance.  We do not ship dogs.  We conduct pre- and post-adoption home checks.  The adoption donation for Macy is $175. 

Please note Invisible Fencing is not an acceptable means of confinement.