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For the Love of Pits® is always looking for qualified candidates who are interested in providing a permanent home to one of our available dogs.


For the Love of Pits is a charitable rescue serving a highly misunderstood and mistreated breed of dog.  Owning a dog is a lifetime commitment full of responsibility and love.  To ensure that our dogs are placed in homes with people that are aware of this commitment, we ask that you fill out the placement application truthfully and thoroughly.  The intent of this application is to find the very best possible match for placement of the dog.  Please fill in ALL fields on the placement application.  If any field does not apply to you, please indicate that it is not applicable.  DO NOT LEAVE ANY QUESTION BLANK.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.  Please note that the placement process time

may vary to ensure proper placement.  Because all of the volunteers with For the Love of Pits have full time jobs it may take between 5 and 7 days for us to contact you regarding your application.  Please do not worry.  Adoptions are not based on first come, first served basis.  We give everyone a fair chance so we can ensure that we find the best home for our dogs.

Our dogs are spayed/neutered prior to placement.  There are no exceptions.  All of our dogs are up-to-date with vaccinations, microchipped and basic obedience trained.  Despite the change in Ohio law regarding pit bulls, please be aware that pit bull owners in Ohio continue to face discrimination by neighbors, authorities and the public.  Anyone looking to adopt a pit bull should be ready to experience such discrimination and should be ready to make the lifetime commitment despite any future obstacles.

All dogs, no matter the age, must be taken to at least one basic obedience class after placement.  Home checks before and after placement (announced and unannounced) will be made and a legal contract is required with every placement.

Thank you for considering our dogs,

For the Love of Pits®