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This picture above says it all.  Walter is gentle, sweet, loving, affectionate and loves to curl up on the couch.  He covers himself with any available blanket and cuddles as close as possible with his human.  Walter is not demanding or pushy but it's difficult to resist his gentle stare and big, huggable head so if you're tending to other things, one look from Walter and you'll be on the couch cuddling with him. 

Walter is amazing with children.  He must have been around them at some time because when children run and get very excited, he doesn't react and get excited as well.  Screaming, running, waving hands, among other things, doesn't rile him up.  He's a relatively calm dog for his approximately 24 months of age.

Walter is able to entertain himself when his people cannot give him 100% attention.  He plays with his Nylabones, loves chewing on his frozen Kongs and pushing the food cube around to find treats magically appear.  He is a strong chewer so he cannot have toys that can be pulled apart but he's okay with that.  He doesn't appear to miss them. 


Walter is extremely intelligent and picks up new behaviors and tricks quickly.  For the Love of Pits uses no-force training techniques and, like all of our dogs, Walter can't wait to have his daily training sessions.  His butt hits the floor immediately and waits for us to begin working.  Currently, Walter knows sit, down, shake, belly, high five and is learning stay.  At night, when it's time to go to bed, his foster simply says "bed time" and Walter happily walks in his crate to cuddle up for the night.

Walter is quiet.  He doesn't bark much at all.  He loves to look out the window at all the goings-on outside.  Be careful not to keep open the window, though, because if he sees a squirrel, he'll bound out the window to chase the trespasser.  Walter is great in the car and loves stopping at the drive thru for a doggy treat.

Walter was never leashed so we are working with him to get him used to and comfortable on the leash.  When we rescued him, he was extremely uncomfortable on leash.  He is doing so much better but still needs work.


Before rescue, Walter lived with a 10 pound Pomeranian.  He is in a foster home with no dogs so we have not seen him with other dogs.  He is slowly working to get to know one of our volunteer's dogs, though.  And, he tested very well at the shelter so we're confident if his adopter's follow our instructions, he'll be a great companion to another dog.

Walter is housebroken and crate trained.  He is current on vaccinations, heartworm negative,  microchipped and neutered.   We place dogs in homes that are within driving distance (no more than 2 hours).  Since Walter needs additional help on leash, we'd like to keep him within an hour so we can continue to provide assistance to whomever is lucky enough to adopt him.  We conduct pre- and post-placement home checks.  The placement donation for Walter is $275. 

Please note Invisible Fencing is not an acceptable means of confinement.